Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Here's a character interview for my coming release, Better to Give. This was originally posted on Casi McLean's Halloween Hop, which you can find here: http://casimclean.com/aba-halloween-hop/

Thanks for coming today, Jenna. So, with Halloween quickly approaching, can you tell us your favorite thing about the holiday?

To be honest, I was never much into Halloween before. Sure, I always took my daughter, Nora, trick or treating, but that was about it. This year will be the first Halloween we’re spending with James and his children. They’ve invited us to a big party, with pumpkin painting and a haunted corn maze. They’ve assured me it won’t be too scary. Nora is still little, after all.

Will you be dressing up?

There’s another first for me. I haven’t worn a costume since I was a kid myself. Not a lot of time for playing dress-up when you have a child as young as I did. But yes. James is insisting that we wear costumes to the party and I’m happy to do something new.

What are you going to be?

We’re going as scissors and a comb, in honor of the first time James made up an excuse to come see me at the salon where I work. It’s a little silly, but I’m finding I like that.

I take it you’re not used to silly either?

I’ve taken life pretty seriously since I had Nora. Everything became about caring for her and earning enough money to give her what she needs. When I met James, my first instinct was to blow him off as a player looking for his latest hook-up. I was wrong, though. He’s nothing like that. Being with James actually reminds me of what it’s like to have fun. I can be responsible and a good mother and still enjoy my life. There’s got to be a balance, you know? And I think in finding the balance, it makes me better for Nora, too.

What one thing do you hope to remember about Halloween this year?

When I look back, I’d like to remember this as the first Halloween where I found the ghosts and goblins scarier than what life has in store for me. J

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